In a short time period wwe put together the aggregates of the renowned Italian company, Hydronit from the parts which are at stock. For larger series and special solutions we can also offer fast delivery.

There are 4 series of these devices in our offer:

PPM micro hydraulic aggregatesi

PPM mini hydraulic aggregates

DC electric pumps

SPU "smart" aggregates

Do you need service?

We service all types of hydraulic devices and components (hydraulic units, pumps and hydraulic motors, distributors …). Our clients’ recommendations, long-term persistence and market presence are proof of our quality.

Imate potrebu za servisom?

Servisiramo sve vrste hidrauličnih uređaja i komponenti (hidraulični agregati, pumpe i hidromotori, razvodnici…).
Preporuke naših klijenata, dugogodišnja postojanost i prisustvo na tržištu, dokaz su našeg kvaliteta.

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